Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is the busiest city in the whole country. People from all over the world come to visit here. Some people visit this city to make a fortune, whereas there are people like me as well who come here only for travelling purposes. The city is full of attractive things. It has all the essential elements for being a megacity. If you visit those amazing places in Mumbai, you will find out that it is quite difficult to find a particular place better than the other because each place is unique in its way. Here are some suggested places that you may want to visit if your destination is Mumbai.

1.Gateway of India

Gateway of India

The name itself is suggestive of the importance and value that this place is all about. It’s called the Gateway of India rather than Mumbai and it is more than enough to be considered as one of the most important structures of not only Mumbai but also India itself. This gateway was built in the year 1924 by the British government to welcome their rulers in India. This architecture was built in Indo-Saracenic style by architect George Witter. The whole monument is made up of Basalt rock which is quite impressive. This vast monument has a height of 85 ft and 49 ft in diameter. It is one of the prime tourist attractions in Mumbai. 

One historical fact is that when the British finally left India, they passed through this Gate of India. It’s of great historical significance. The monument faces the view of Mumbai Harbour and you can enjoy a wonderful view of the sea from here. If you visit Mumbai and you miss visiting the Gateway of India then your trip is half wasted.

2.Marine Drive

Marine Drive

Marine drive is another sensational place to visit in Mumbai. You can relish the beauty of the Arabian Sea right here. The atmosphere, view, the gentle breeze will wipe away all your sufferings and fill you up with energy. This place covers a distance of 3.6 km along the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road. The whole promenade is lined with palm trees which enriches the beauty of this place and gives it a royal touch. 

One interesting fact is that  Marine drive is also known as the Queen’s Necklace. At night, when you see this place from a certain high position, you will find the lighted streets resembling a C-shaped necklace. That is how it has gained its name. Along the road, you will see many attractive buildings which include sports clubs, restaurants, office spaces, and much more. You will never feel bored visiting this place. This is a must-visit for the travelers of Mumbai.

3.Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach is one of the most visited places by not only the native people but also by people from all over the is located on the shore of the great Arabian Sea. This beach is spread over six kilometers of vast areas. This is a place of great amusement and wonder. It is an ideal place to go on a vacation. Whether you are alone or with your family, this place will blow your mind anyway. This beach is famous for the vast outstretched beach. 

Here you can enjoy delicious foods while roaming through the vastly spread beach. There are thousands of people who visit this place regularly. Little children play cricket matches on the beach which is very amusing to see. The calmness, composure, atmosphere, surrounding, climate everything appeals to the extreme elegance of the place and makes it one of those special places where you want to visit at least once in your life.

4.Elephanta Caves

Elephanta Caves are considered as one of the World Heritage Sites under the concern of UNESCO. There are many temples inside the caves which are predominantly designated to the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva. The place where the caves are situated is known as the Elephanta Island or Gharapuri which signifies “the city of caves”. 

The Trimurti sculpture is one of the major attractions of the place. The inscription was discovered in 1987. The whole cave is made up of basalt rocks and the design is ancient and unique in the sense. All the caves are spread over 60,000 acres of area. The main cave which is also called the great cave is 130 ft and the structure is based on ancient Buddhist viharas. The whole place deserves to be called a heritage site because it has all the qualities to be called so.

5.Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a biological park with great biodiversity and a wide variety of flora and fauna. There are so many animals that are preserved here in this park and that include lions, deers, tigers, leopards, monkeys, and many more. It was established in 1996 and the park covers 87 square kilometers of area. People usually visit this place to see different types of animals but in that way, they sometimes miss the natural beauty and huge variety of plants that this place contains. 

The landscape of this place is unmatched. It’s filled with greenery and vegetation which is not only ideal for animals but also soothing for the visitors. That is probably the reason why two million people visit this place every year on average. This is like heaven amidst a crowded city. Please! visit this place if you ever go to Mumbai.

6.Bandra Worli Sea Link

Bandra Worli Sea Link

Bandra Worli Sea Link is a long, sustained bridge over Mahim Bay. That bridge connects the western part of Mumbai to the southern part of the city, one in Bandra and the other in Worli. There are four lanes in each direction and it is one of the busiest roads in the town. The bridge has a length of 5.6 kilometers which is above 126 meters above the water level. 

The design of the bridge is unique and it is fortified with the help of strong cables. That also maximizes the beauty of the bridge. The bridge has a wonderful view at night when it is seen from a distant place. It took nine long years to construct this huge flyover. The construction had started in the year 2000 and it had ended in 2009. The result of the hard work is worth watching. This sea link is also known as the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link and it is its official name. So, do not miss the sight while roaming there.

7.Film City Mumbai

Film City Mumbai

Mumbai Film City is also one of the major attractions of the city. It is also known as the Dadasaheb Phalke Chitra Nagari. All the elements that are needed to produce a film are available here. Starting from a temple, you will see things like prisons, mountains, hills, gardens, courts, fountains, picnic spots, villages, palaces and even artificial waterfalls. 

The whole project covers more than 520 acres of area and approximately, it has 16 studios of different size and 42 outdoor shooting places. This place will simply blow your mind with its irresistible charm. This city is an epitome of a huge city and visiting this will redeem the hunger of visiting a whole city.

8.Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Chhatrapati Shivaji (Maharaj) Terminus is a railway station in Mumbai which is owned by Indian Railways. It was initiated in 1853 and was reconstructed in 1888. The Former name of this station was Victoria Terminus Railway Station. This station is among one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. That proves the value and grandeur this place owns. 

It was built in the Indo- Saracenic Victorian Gothic Revival method. It has eighteen platforms altogether. This station is of great historical significance and value. People from all over the world visit this place. The name of the station was changed from Victoria Terminus to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in 1995 and this is more appropriate in the sense. The beauty of the place can only be observed by the eyes. My words are not sufficient to illustrate its beauty.

9.Haji Ali Dargah

Haji Ali Dargah

Haji Ali Dargah is a famous mosque in Mumbai. Though this place is of Islam affiliation, people of any caste, creed and religion can visit this place. The beauty, atmosphere and devotion of people towards their preached deity is divine. Apart from that, this place has a huge historical backdrop. It was made in the 15th century. Haji Ali was a merchant from Uzbekistan and he was a Sufi saint. 

There is a tomb of Haji Ali in the dargah and the whole place is dedicated to him. This place is a great instance of Indo-Islamic Architecture. The dargah was built on a place that was 500 meters away from the cost of worli bay. It is amidst the bay and surrounded by water. That increases the beauty of the place. Please! Do yourself a favour and visit this place. It will dazzle your eyes and soothe your heart.

10.Essel World

Essel World

Essel World is one of the largest amusement theme parks in India. This is the most preferred place by the kids in Mumbai. Everyone loves this place whether it is a little child or a fully grown person, this place will blow your mind and tranquil your nerves. There are plenty of fun instruments all around you. 

You just need to pick one and get on it. It has many rides, water parks, slides, food stalls and many more. If you want to spend your weekend funnily then this is an ideal place for you. This will wipe out all your stress. So, don’t miss out on that one. 

Here are some mentions as well and those include Kanheri Caves, Chor Bazaar, Rajabai Clock Tower, Global Vipassana Pagoda, Siddhivinayak Temple and many more.

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