Word Technology is one of the most powerful in today’s generation. The role of technology is one of the most important roles in the world. Without technology entire world is nothing. Technology provides different ways of doing work. In today’s generation, every single work depends on technology.

There are many technologies that help in their own manner. Because of technology the workload is less. People can do their work faster and quickly and can save time. Technology helps people to do their work from a particular place. Which helps to avoid traveling. Technology has brought a revolution in many fields. Nowadays in every field, they work under technology.

Advantages of Technology:

  • Technology has reduced the workload efforts in every field. One of the most important aspects of technology is it has reduced the workload. In many fields. Now people can do their work with fewer efforts. and also technology helps to reduce the workload because of technology people can work freely.
  • It reduces the time involved in work. Technology helps to reduce the time at work. It takes less time to complete the work. It helps to do work faster and it saves time.
  • It made life easy and comfortable. Exactly. Technology has made life easier and more comfortable. You can do your work from home or from any particular place.
  •  Helps to make quick conversation from one person to another. Saves time. The benefit of technology is it saves time. Yes. technology helps to save time. It saves the time involved in traveling. Because of technology you can sit at a particular place and can do your work.
  • Less costly.  One of the most important aspects of technology is to make things cheaper and more affordable to people. The technology involves less cost. There is not much cost involved in technology.
  • Innovation in many fields like Banking, Business, hospitality, etc. Technology truly works in many fields. The fields like medical or farming, business or any other field. In every field, technology plays an important role in today’s generation.
  • Technology helps in Education. Nowadays students can learn their education through technology. There are many things to learn from technology. It helps students to understand the concept very clearly and helps them to become educated.

Dis-advantages of Technology:

 Even after the technology has increased productivity and individuality there are many things that show a negative effect on people. So let us discuss the disadvantages of Technology.

  • Job less – Lower value of human workers. Modern technology has replaced a large number of robots, human jobs. Because of this, the number of jobless people is more. Many firms have different kinds of machines like packaging machines etc. so the human work is reduced because of this the workload is very low and people may not be able to get a job.
  • Negative impact on students Technology is powerful for students. There are many people who use technology for good. And also some people who use it for bad intention. It totally depends upon the usage of people.
  • Addiction Another disadvantage of technology is addiction. When people use more technology they will become addicted to the technology. And many people are addicted to gadgets like smartphones, computers, television, gaming, etc, and it will impact people’s lifestyles.
  • Privacy and Insecurity Technology has contributed to strong security, as well as connection to internet policy. But there is a chance of insecurity sometimes. Our financial reports and photos, information, and details of our smartphones will affect the internet someday.
  • Technology wastes our Time. Modern technology waste our time. But recognize it. Technology also saves our time if we use it for good. There are many games, video games, music players where everyone spends time on it and wasting their precious time. This is one of the main disadvantages of Technology.

Benefits of Technology in Fields:

  • Technology in communication Technology in communication includes smartphones, email, calling, fax, internet, multimedia, etc. all these technologies come under technology in communication. In this field, people can communicate from one person to another person.
  • Technology in Education. Nowadays in the field of education technology plays an important role. Technology helps students to know more about technology. Now students can learn through the internet, video learning, online learning, etc. they can find anything related to education on the internet.
  • Technology in Banking Technology in banking is one of the best technology fields. Through this technology now people can make transactions through mobile banking. Mobile banking technology is the safest way to transfer funds. It saves time. Sitting at home they can make transactions very easily.


While some technologies are reaching maturity now many important technologies have enormous future potential. It is good as well as bad in technologies. but we should use technologies for good purposes and should try to waste more time on Technologies.

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