Mass media is a technology that reaches a very large number of people within a short time, in other words, it is spreading the message to the mass or larger segment of the population within a short time.

Mass media communication is something that the world depends on.

Modes of communication are newspapers, magazines, films, the internet and television news.

This topic caught my attention when I was recently watching a movie called “A WEDNESDAY”.

The film revolves around the terrorist’s attacks in Mumbai and how a common man wants to take revenge on them.

But a part of that film caught my attention as a news reporter. Her introduction in the film was how she wanted to make big news out of an electricity worker who gets shocked. Seeing this question came into my mind, Are these news channels doing what they are meant to do or are they doing it for the sake of doing it?

Yes, I am talking about our television news channels and their news reports.

Where mass media is just a medium to spread and make people know the real issues and happening in and around us. But today, it’s turned into a nasty business or just an easy medium to earn popularity and even money.

The media itself is creating news to make news.

It has become the race between the news channels for broadcasting the news!

This news is reported to the people in the name BREAKING NEWS.

Whether it’s true or false! The only obligation is the raise of their individual TRP’s (television rating point) which is a tool to know which channel and the program are most viewed.

Due to wrong allegations and false news! So many people are victims and still suffering and have faced huge crises too.

The so-called news channels are said to be owned by one or the other politicians.

A WEDNESDAY film reminded me of the 24/11 attack, back then had no such idea what news channels impact would be, all the news channels were showing the live telecast of the incident now when I think of it as were the news channels were the EYE of the terrorist by watching news channels they can plan their next moves. This is shown in the movie too.

A very recent news story was about our Karnataka CM and two IAS officers.

Karnataka CM is not going to continue as CM because some MLAs wanted him to get down from his position. 

And the conflict between two IAS officers, DC and the corporation chief of Mysore and the reason for the conflict is unknown and known and has a political twist to it. The headline was very catchy though they named it IAS vs IAS, which will have an eye on the people who are watching the news

News channels also show some baba or guruji solving people’s problems through astrology, numerology, Vastu and so on, and the same channel shows the baba or guruji being arrested for inappropriate behaviour with their female devotees.

Seriously!!!. Instead, there was so much news in and around which had to be covered!

The pandemic has hit the world in all aspects. People are terrified that they don’t know what to do in such a situation. News channels should educate them about the situation and tell them what needs to be done.

Instead of this news, we could only see about the death rate, positivity rate, showing the dead bodies,  which celebrity is tested positive and to which hospital is this celebrity being hospitalized? XYZ’s pulse rate is so much and he is hospitalized, he is discharged and so many. 

Are these the relevant news to be running the whole day on the national news channels!?

Yes, I do agree facts and figures are also important but only showing such news will only frighten, demoralize and mentally affect people. They should also provide examples or facts where people have recovered from the disease which would boost their confidence.

The very famous ram mandir conflict! And extremely controversial scenario,

Instead of the mandir everything got focused And had many wrong interpretations too. Where the actual masjid devotees had zero issues with the mandir being built. In fact with the land, they even made donations for mandir construction. 

While the news people gave it a communal and political colour. 

Reasons to raise the TRP!

News is just being sold and being manipulative.

CAA! One of the recent issues too!

People raged out their voices! It was so evident with some people when asked about the activities that they didn’t even know what the protest was Media is covering it, journalists are blabbering and the public is getting manipulated.

The media should know their line of limits. Because some small news may cause a huge impact. As we saw in the captain Abhinandan Varthaman case too. Where the things had to be kept in shadow! Was revealed like anything. His birth, family, his residency, wife, mother, father, post he was working in. 

They should know where it will reach too! And what will be the impact of the news they are revealing?

FARMER BILL was also very big and trending news which was all over the news channels.

The same thing happened as CAA people didn’t know the actual purpose of the bill and started protesting and made huge chaos out of it. In which people lost their lives too. News channels reported a man was said to be murdered and the same news channels said he was dead because of the accident for his rash and show-off kind of driving from his customized vehicle.

Instead, they would have been focused on what the CAA and FARMER bill meant and gave the correct information and educated people then there would have been a different scenario in my opinion.

And the most evolved and entertaining part of some news channels is DEBATE shows.

Where people are called to debate or discuss or give their opinion on the particular subjects are fighting, shouting and making a mess, apart from the subject the debate or discussion is all their party, scams, and other facts and figures. Anchors of the same debate shows are the main stars; the shows also shout, scream, fight and send people out of the show in which they were invited by them to debate.  

Though there are so many genuine journalists, who have lost their lives.

The best example is the lady from Bengaluru, Karnataka, Ms Gauri Lankesh.

Her assassin news had so much allegation by many politicians, compared her assassin to other murder case and after so many months a person confessed killing her without knowing his victim. He said he was told to kill to save his religion. The intention of her real assassin is still not known.

Though her death remained like a skeleton in the cupboard.

There is Manipulation happening, making a business out of the news. Whereas ethics of journalism has the first rule that there should be no personal opinions put forward while reporting a piece of news and it’s supposed to be unbiased. Whereas, here the news is being sold. And have no value for actual happenings and current affairs.

Media should be a helping hand, rather it’s influencing and manipulating public minds through which there are many political, communal and racist events or issues are provoked.

Media these days is more of creating opinions, rather than reporting actual issues 

It is said that until you realize how easy it is for your mind to be manipulated, you remain the puppet of someone else’s game.

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