Do you hear this word wherever you go? Wherever you land-up on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, forums, and many other platforms? With whomever, you speak to? Do you wonder why all successful icons in the world insist everyone think positive all the time? Well, then let’s explore this journey now.

What do you opine on what positive thinking is? Do you opine that it is expecting only things happening in our favor? Or do you think only about hoping for the best to happen all the time?

Positive thinking means creating the best thought in every situation. It is not about expecting the best to transpire all the time, but accepting whatever happens at this moment is the best. Accepting the consequences of the circumstances keeps us stable at that moment. We preserve the strength, self-confidence, and inspiration to put in our best in the next moment. It is inevitable for you to think positively to experience a smooth journey in life.

Positive thinking increases the probability factor of happiness. The more positively you think the more joy, happiness, and content you feel in life. Life is all about what kind of mindset you approach the challenges you come across. Then, what is this mindset composed of?

Have you ever wondered how your mindset is framed? How is it structured? On what foundation is it built? How is it getting constructed? How is it being surfaced? A simple two-word bombards with a lot of questions to crop up in your mind.

Remember, Positive Thinking might be simple two words but has infinite power in it. It can create abundance in your life. Now, have you started to think about how we create this abundance then? To make this happen, we need to understand the simple formula of Positive Thinking.

Positive Thinking Life Experience = Understanding Principles of Positive Thinking + Practicing Positive Thinking

First, let us trek on what is that we need to understand the principles of Positive Thinking. There are three fundamental principles of positive thinking. Come, here we go:

What you repeatedly think, you become

The quality of life you lead is directly proportional to your repeated thought pattern. Sow seeds of positivity in every thought. 

Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs. People stay dissatisfied many times from things happening around them. They play a blame game on many things. The situation is connected with the state of mind. In reality, it depends on our perspective of looking at things. It is only our height of perspective that helps us to comprehend the happenings around us. Believe every problem has a solution. Get clarity on the problem to solve it.  

We need to elevate to look at life from a higher perspective to overcome any challenges. Keep generating positive thoughts in high frequencies to match the wavelength of what you need to become. Realize the power of thoughts. Speak to yourself with positive thoughts. Your success is dependent on how you think repeatedly.

What you repeatedly feel, you attract it into your life experience

The more repeatedly you feel about a particular thought, the more likely you attract that experience into your life. These repeated vibrations are what creates reality in your life.

When any unpleasant event occurs, approach it with a positive mindset and try to learn an optimistic lesson out of it rather than dwelling on it. Evoke, your thoughts regulate your feelings and actions. So whenever any negative thought springs in your mind, instantly substitute it with a positive one. If you have observed, no matter what the circumstance is you tend to be happy with the world when you are feeling happy from within and you screech at the world when you feel discomfort within you.

Don’t keep dwelling on the hard memories. Cut the chain of negative emotions in your life. Fight with the worst case by generating thoughts on a conscious level. Understand the value of your positive thinking. It is the master key to live a life of positivity. Nurture your thought process with great care. Vibrations that you feel repeatedly will manifest in your life as reality.

What you imagine, you create that into reality

The power of your subconscious mind is higher than your conscious mind. It cannot distinguish between what is real and imaginary, what is right or what is wrong? It just registers whatever thoughts you generate and imagine developing a pattern in your brain. Visualizing is a thousand times more powerful tool in altering the pattern of brain waves.

It is the power of your mind to choose what it needs. Force yourself to imagine positivity in all that you do. Visualize your dreams in this state of positivity. It transforms that energy into reality. Fill your inner world with positive vibes. Never mind what the situation is, just imagine what you want it to be and match it with your vibration.

By understanding these principles and applying them in your everyday life is what creates a positive life. Now that we are aware of the principles, we shall look into the possibilities of how we can implement these in your day-to-day life.

How to practice:

1.Don’t dwell on the past situation

Don’t worry. It does damage your physical body. You need to clear out negative blockages and release negative emotions before going to sleep and feed positive thoughts into your mind. Cultivate the habit of practicing forgiveness meditation before having a nap. Replace worry with hope by feeding optimistic thoughts.  

2.Think only about what your life should be

Be a proactive thinker. Think about how you can progress. Focus only on what you can control. Don’t allow your mind to spend time in negativity or void space. Instead, channelize your energy towards thinking constructively. Slow down to relieve your stress. Create positive thoughts. Whatever you will spring energy to, that you will attract into your life. You are the artifact of your belief system.

3.React positively in every situation

We all know that what happens is only 10% and how we react to It is 90% of life. No matter what the situation is, how you respond to it is your choice.

Expect the best to happen. Start focusing on how things can go right. Learn from negative happenings. People affect your thinking. Most essentially, be a kind person with whom people can connect easily. Learn to appreciate people and be compassionate towards them in their sorrows. You should like other people too because when you like someone, you radiate positivity to that person which bounces back to you.

4.Practice affirmations meditation

Separate your mind from the daily stress at least for 30 minutes a day. Take yourselves out of your busy day. Engage in any workout that refreshes and re-energizes you. Walk the path of meditation for at least 20 minutes a day. Sow the seeds of positive affirmations at this time. These affirmations help you to elevate the standard of your life.

5.Express gratitude for what you have

Gratitude creates miracles in life. Focus your energy on what you have rather than the lack of it. Express gratitude for all that you have in life. This is a key to creating an abundance of positive energy flowing into your life.

6.Spend time with nature

Make nature your best friend. Connect with it for the best solutions. It always refreshes and revitalizes your energy and fills your life with positive vibes. Absorbing this energy heals you and guides you in developing your intuition which in turn helps you to be a proactive thinker and instill confidence and boost your positivity.

Now we have understood how the positive thinking formula works and manifests in our life. Life does not create thoughts, thoughts create life. Change your thoughts to change your world.

We can further understand this through Psychology researcher Fredrickson’s ‘Fredrickson theory – broaden and build theory.’ It states that positive emotions broaden the sense of possibilities and open your mind, which consecutively allows you to shape new expertise and resources that can add value in other spaces of your life. By thinking positively, you start approaching things differently. You feel more content about yourself. You start exploring new opportunities that you never had before.

It enhances the ability to upskill and develop assets for handling different circumstances. Behind you is the infinite power and sanctity. Erase the effects of negative events feeding them with positive thoughts.

Hence, by expanding our horizons about positive thinking, we now realize its importance in our life. We have now realized how our thought pattern reflects on our life. It’s important to inject positive thought into every cell of the body. Keep repeating the Four-word formula – Faith, power, works, and wonders.

The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible. Positive thinking always pays. Find the hidden power in yourself and nurture it. Focus on the wisdom that life challenges are throwing at you.

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