Startup businesses are young and emerging companies with versatile business ideas! Almost all startups have the foundation of some business ideas that need to be tested in the market! The seed of a startup can be an existing problem in the community! There are some commonalities in all startups. They aim to solve the current problem and innovate and implement new business models!

India is home to a significant proportion of startups. It is not wrong to say that 2 to 3 startups are born in India every minute. the below listed are some of the best startups in India! This blog will contain a briefing of such companies which has commendable potential to grow!

Here are some of the shortlisted promising startups in India 2021

1. Brandlution

Brandlution is the most trusted Digital Marketing Agency. They are known for their innovative strategy and technology-backed SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Lead Generation, and many other digital marketing solutions.


2. DeHaat


DeHaat is a technological platform that offers every agricultural service to Indian farmers which focuses on growth and improving the efficiency of the agriculture sector. Market linkage through an extensive network of trained micro-entrepreneurs. Registered farmers have direct access to a wide range of agricultural products (seeds, fertilizers, crop protection) from competitive sources.


3. E-trio

E-trio operates as an electric vehicle startup. E-Trio is an EV company with the vision of having the widest range of EVs. E-trio aims for an affordable and accessible form of electric vehicle for everyone.


4. Oyo

Ritesh Grewal, an 18-year-old enthusiast, is the first raindrop for this startup! He founded a startup in 2013 with a hotel! To your surprise, Oyo is now one of the fastest-growing hotel chains in the world! The startup has covered 800 cities in 80 countries over 7 years. Headquartered in Gurgaon, India, the company has over 23000 hotels and 125000+ holiday homes! in a short span, Oyo proved its one of the best startups in India through an extensive technological revolution in the hospitality industry! 


5. Invideo

Invideo is a video creation platform that allows you to create high-quality videos from premium templates, music and images The platform enables influencers, creators, media companies and brands to extend audience engagement through the power of video content. It allows users to create videos from scratch, convert existing static content into videos, and add automated voiceovers in local languages.


6. Mitron

Mitron TV is a free short video and social platform. It is designed to show people the trending and latest videos


7. Ola Electric

Ola Electric is engaged in the rental of mobility electric cars. It works with automotive, battery manufacturers, driver-partners and the mobility ecosystem, making electric power a convenient, reliable and affordable option.


8. gives your insight and understanding of each customer interaction. Gain insights into how your sales team communicates with customers on calls, presentations, and the webinar, what they do and where they need help.


9. Tessol

Tessol is an energy and fuel-efficient regelation technology-based startup for cold chain storage and logistics companies.


10. Yellow Class

Yellow Class is an online hobby platform for young children.


11. WinZo

WinZo is an e-sports gaming platform designed for data science, gaming and social media. The platform offers not less than 70+ games.


12. Pee Safe

Pee Safe launched in 2013, launching the first toilet seat sanitizer. Since 2017, the company has introduced a variety of personal hygiene products such as women’s hygiene (pads, tampons, cups, etc.), men’s intimate hygiene, hand hygiene, and face masks. 


13. Mamaearth

Mamaearth is a brand exclusively for baby and toddler products. A brand that develops products from world-class research and tries to solve every little problem we face as parents. Launched by the Varun and Ghazal couple in 2016, all products under the brand go through multiple testing processes, including clinical dermatology testing in Europe, ensuring they are of world-class quality.


14. Craftsvilla

Craftsvilla is an e-commerce and fashion startup founded in 2011 and is currently based in Mumbai, India. The company is based on delivering authentic Indian fashion items to customers from small businesses and individual designers. This allows small businesses to enter the fashion market.


15. Policy Bazaar

it’s a notable name in the insurance industry! Policy Bazaar is an online life insurer and general insurance aggregator. The startup, which started in 2008, has now grown to a network of 5,000 employees. With a leading partner in the insurance sector.


16. The better India

The Better India is the largest positive journalism house in Asia. In addition to journalism, they sell eco-friendly products to help their audience live a better life. They promote their e-commerce business by sharing positive news, with more than 5,000 stories reaching over 50 million people each month. 


17. is a high-quality platform for software engineering students and developers. With the motto “Learn by doing”, the platform has modules that teach software development through real-world contexts. Additionally, the Crio platform offers career guidance, interview preparation, and profile reviews for developers. 


We have analyzed some of the promising startups in India which fall in different industries. If you are looking for some great startups to do case studies or replicate the business model or get services, this is your deal. We hope the blog brings you value and contributes to your current knowledge of startups in India.

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