The 11 Most Expensive Watches In The World That You Would Love To Buy

Every true gentleman knows the true importance of a luxury watch. I’ve been seeing the top 10 lists every year and today, I am writing one. This list has a little change, instead of 10, you get 11 watches. Most of the watches in this list are one of a kind and very exclusive. These are all owned by one of the richest people in the world.

Some watches in this list have been commissioned to be made in a specific way. If not for them, we wouldn’t be having them in the list today and many great stories would’ve been unknown. 

In today’s world, watches are a status symbol. If you own a watch priced so high will definitely set you apart. What do you think makes these watches so expensive? It is mostly because of three factors – Rare and expensive parts like gold, diamond, platinum, or even meteorite rock. Yes, there are 4 watches by Louis Moinet. 1 of those has Moonrock, 1 has Mars rock and 2 watches have meteor rocks. The second factor is the amount of time it takes to produce these insanely amazing timepieces and the complications and the third factor is how exclusive or rare the watch is.

Almost all the watches that are in this list have a story behind them.

So let’s check out the most expensive watches in the world, starting with the least expensive going to the most expensive.


On number 11 we have the VACHERON CONSTANTIN 57260. This is a pocket watch . It is said that this is the most complicated watch ever made. The idea for this watch was received from a major collector, which was then turned into a reality by Vacheron Constantin to redefine the limits of possibility. The first two digits of the reference number indicate the number of complications this watch has. This watch has 57 complications.

  • 6-time measurement functions
  • 7 perpetual calendar functions
  • 8 hebrew calendar functions
  • 9 astronomical calendar functions
  • 1 lunar calendar function
  • 1 religious calendar function
  • 4 three column-wheel chronograph function
  • 7 alarm functions
  • 8 Westminster carillon striking functions
  • 6 other functions

This case of this watch is made with white gold and it houses over 2,800 components. The diameter of the watch is 98mm and the thickness of the watch is 50.55mm. It has a power reserve of 60 hours. It is a piece unique pocket watch that took 8 years to make. It is certified by the Hallmark of Geneva which assures that the watch has been assembled, timed and cased in Geneva.


The next watch on our list, taking a $3 million leap is the PATEK PHILIPPE REF. 1518. Patek Philippe introduced this watch in 1941, which led them to dominate the world of high-end luxury watches. This watch was introduced during the turmoil of World War II  at the Swiss Watch Fair in Basel which is presently known as Baselworld.

This is the first-ever perpetual calendar chronograph watch to be produced by any watch manufacturer, which was a courageous move by Patek Philippe at the time. They produced around 281 pieces of 1518 and most of those were in yellow gold. 55 of the 281 were in rose gold. This particular one in the picture is made of stainless steel and is still more expensive than the yellow gold or rose gold variant because of the exclusivity and rarity of the watch. Only 4 of these were made in stainless steel and 1518 was the first one of the group to be produced.


When we think about expensive watches, the name Rolex does come to our mind. The next watch on the list is the PAUL NEWMAN ROLEX DAYTONA. This particular Rolex Daytona (Ref. No. 6239) was worn by Paul Newman, who was once the world’s most bankable movie star. It was later passed on to James Cox (former boyfriend of his daughter, Nell Newman) who later sold it at an auction. The watch was only $300 when James Cox received it.

This watch was auctioned off in 2017, at Phillips’s HQ in New York. After 12 minutes of bidding, this watch was sold to the highest bidder at a whopping $ 17,752,500. This watch became the most expensive Rolex by surpassing the Bo Dai Rolex ($ 5,000,000) and also the most expensive watch in the world to be sold at an auction by surpassing the Patek Philippe Ref. 1518, which was also sold at the Auction, also by Phillips.


Is it a watch? Is it a bracelet? It is both and it is none other than the JACOB & CO. BILLIONAIRE III. The Billionaire III was first introduced in 2015 which is a watch encrusted with 260 carats of emerald-cut diamonds. Now, they have added one more limited edition variant to the collection, the Billionaire diamond-encrusted Tourbillon timepiece. 

Most often we see a vertical setting of diamonds on a wristwatch, but in this case, it is different. The diamonds are set horizontally all over the watch to make it look more modern, refreshing, and unexpected. This watch is completely made of 18kt white gold and the dial houses a skeletonized tourbillon movement, which is exclusively done by Jacob & Co. artists only. It has an impressive power reserve of 72 hours.

This bracelet is completely set with 604 white diamonds, weighing around 90 carats. The diamonds are set by hand to reflect the light perfectly. The diamonds are set by one man only and he doesn’t move away until it’s done.


The next watch which we have on the list is very unique as it broke its own record. It is the PATEK PHILIPPE HENRY GRAVES SUPERCOMPLICATION. This pocket watch was first auctioned in 1999 for $11,000,000. Later in 2014, another piece was auctioned off for $24,000,000. This watch has 24 different complications and I think that the current owner paid a million dollars for each complication. 

This watch weighs almost a pound. The dial is 73.2mm wide and is made of gold. The movement inside this watch is stacked in three layers or as Patek Philippe refers to as tiers. This led to the production of a 2 sided pocket watch. This watch was commissioned by Mr. Henry Graves Jr. and he paid $15,000 for this unique watch in 1925.


What would you get if you put 15.37 carats of pink diamond, 12.79 carats of blue diamond, 17.07 carats of yellow diamond and a total of 874 rare diamonds weighing 201 carats on your wrist, other than wrist pain? The CHOPARD 201 CARAT wristwatch. This watch was made in 2000 which brought a whole new meaning to the luxury and jewelry watch industry.

When you press the spring-loaded mechanism of the watch, the 3 heart-shaped diamonds open up and expose the pave diamond-studded dial, which consists of three pear-shaped yellow diamonds weighing 8.45 carats.


At the 5th position, we have the JAEGER-LECOULTRE JOAILLERIE 101 MANCHETTE. This model is the latest in the series 101 Joaillerie. It has a manual winding system. The watch strap is completely made of white gold with 576 diamonds encrusted in it. It also contains 11 onyx crystals. This wristwatch is fit for a queen and that is who it was made for. This watch was gifted to the Queen of England on her 60th anniversary by the French President. This watch resembled a similar watch that she wore during her coronation. 

The assembly of this watch is very special. Only 3 people know how to do it. The dial weighs less than a gram and the watch looks like a bracelet until we notice the dial. No one knows where this watch is located.

4. BREGUET NO. 160 - $30 MILLION

The next watch at 4th position is the BREGUET NO. 160. This is the most expensive pocket watch in the world. This watch had all the complications you could include at the time this was made. This watch took 45 years to build and it was built by Abraham Louis Breguet and was completed by his son 4 years after his death. Abraham Louis Breguet started building this watch in 1782 by the commission of Queen Marie Antoinette’s lover. Unfortunately, the Queen could not see the watch as she was killed by the revolutionaries before the watch was completed. Otherwise, I am sure that she would have loved it. 

In 1983, this watch was stolen from a museum in Jerusalem and was not found until 2007. After the watch was retrieved, the watch was put up on display at the L.A Mayer Museum in Jerusalem.


The next watch in the list is my favourite, the PATEK PHILIPPE GRANDMASTER CHIME REF. 6300. This watch was launched in 2014, on the occasion of the 175th anniversary of the company. In 2016, this watch became a part of Patek Philippe’s regular collection, which was a white gold variant. The Ref. 6300A-010 is the most expensive one because it is the only one which was made in steel. It was auctioned off in 2019 at the Only Watch auction. This watch stands out as it has 2 dials, one is golden opaline and the other is ebony. It also has “The Only One” written on the alarm dial at 12 o’clock. 

In 2017, the first and the only titanium example (Ref. 5208) was auctioned for CHF 6.2 million. The watch is 47.7 mm in diameter and 16.07 mm thick. This watch is the most expensive Patek Philippe watch and the most expensive watch to be sold at an auction.


The top 2 most expensive watches are by the same brand. Here we have the GRAFF DIAMONDS THE FASCINATION. Even though you are one of the richest people in the world and can afford almost anything, you would still love a 2-for-1 deal. This watch is just that. This watch has a huge pear-shaped diamond in the center which can be mounted on the watch and can be worn as a bracelet or you can remove the diamond and convert that bracelet into a watch and can wear that diamond as a ring.

This watch is made of 152 carats of white diamonds and the pear-shaped diamond, which is the centerpiece, weighs 38 carats. This concept was brought in to show the results of the partnership between Graff’s diamond house based in London and its Swiss watch making atelier.


And finally, we are here, looking at the most expensive watch in the world. This watch costs as much as a mansion in Hollywood. Get ready to get hallucinated. This is the  GRAFF DIAMONDS HALLUCINATION. It is tough to calculate how much frosting you would get for $55 million, but the picture makes it a lot clearer. This watch holds 110 carats of rare colored diamonds in a combination of different finishes and different cuts. Whoever gets this watch would be happy seeing it, but I don’t think they would be happy wearing it considering the weight. 

So there you have it, folks! These are the top 11 most expensive watches in the world. Would you wear any of these? Does usability trump the look of the watch or would you like something fancy to show on your wrist or in your pocket. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below.

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